• Fostering fun and friendships since 2018

    Colin’s Lodge is a safe place for adults with cognitive differences to be their best selves, belong to an expanding community of friends, enrich their lives and foster independence through social, physical and healthy programs.

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Our Core Values

Be your best kind self
Have fun with friends
Increase independence
Enrich social lives for a lifetime
Create healthy habits

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Colin’s Lodge offers evening and weekend programming in our 16,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility. Programs include:
  • Basketball
  • Yoga
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Personal training
  • Zumba
  • Rowing
  • Movie nights
  • Hip hop
  • Self-defense
  • Bucket drumming
  • Walk club
  • Cornhole
  • Dances and parties
  • Video games
  • Bingo
  • Karaoke
  • Game nights
  • Floor hockey
  • And more!


  • Due to space and staff restraints, Colin’s Lodge membership is limited to referrals only.
  • Members must be 18 or older.
  • Members are not permitted to attend Lodge programming with an aid or parent.
  • Full memberships cost $100 a year. Social memberships also can be purchased for $50.
  • Membership offers are only extended to applicants who have been referred, completed the application process and demonstrated the ability to benefit from Colin’s Lodge services while interacting independently and safely with other members.



Colin’s Lodge is a great place. It reminds me of Santa Fe. The members fill me up because they make me happy. I am glad I get to grow up with my friends. This is my favorite place. I love it so much. I love to go to UD games. I like the basketball drills Coach Eric gave me so I can practice being as good as Ryan Mikesell. My favorite things are to play Fast and Furious with my friends, play basketball, have popcorn and watch movies, and have lots of parties and dances.

I love you Mom, Dad, Teddi and Ryan!

Colin Connor


Words alone cannot sufficiently express our gratitude for the wonderful place you have created that gives our son, Thulani Burnley, the feeling of being loved, having a sense of belonging, being seen, valued, and embraced for who he is.

These words attempt to describe what the staff of Colin’s Lodge provide for and what is experienced by our son. Being a part of a community that says to him that he’s not a person with “special needs,” but a young man who is special and worthy of the respect, kindness and consideration provided to all who are made in the image of God. Colin’s Lodge is an oasis in a world which too often functions as a desert void of consistent norms where all people are safe, protected and value for who they are.

Colin’s Lodge exemplifies what the concept of inclusion is intended to be. The Lodge serves as a model for all of us who struggle to live in a harmonious community that reflects the highest ideals of the human family. Thank you for the extraordinary gift you are to those who are so often excluded while navigating the challenges of life in ways most of us cannot imagine. Thank you for the gift you are to Thulani and to us. Colin’s Lodge is an answer to PRAYER!

The Burnley Family

Colin’s Lodge has truly been a gift! For the six years we lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sarah’s life was largely limited to her part-time job at Trader Joe’s and our home, occasionally attending gatherings with her mother’s senior friends just for social outings. Upon our return to Ohio, we were introduced to Colin’s Lodge and her life blossomed. She now spends four evenings and Saturdays with friends her own age, and occasional special events. Some of those lodge members have become valued friends outside the lodge. She also considers the staff and volunteers valued friends who also provide great models. The classes and activities have greatly widened her interests and skills, adding activities she never would have tried if not offered by the lodge, such as yoga, Zumba, hip hop, personal training, rowing, and Men Zin. She is proud that some of her art projects have been framed or worn by family. Of course, she loves the Flying Eagles basketball.

The Lodge not only encourages the health of their members through their classes, but arranged for Covid vaccinations for members and caregivers as soon as possible. They went to great lengths to keep activities going via zoom during the first year of the pandemic, so members could maintain social contacts, fitness, and enthusiasm during a very trying time. Quote from Sarah - “It’s VERY fun!!!”

The Stewart Family

Our son, Nicholas, was invited to be a charter member of Colin’s Lodge. We feel very blessed that Nick has had the opportunity to be involved with this incredible organization. It has given him a chance to develop new friendships and enhance socialization skills in a totally non-threatening and accepting environment. He is guided by an excellent and caring management and staff. The volunteers have also been great. The great variety of activities conducted at the Lodge is unrivaled. Nick especially enjoys Hip Hop, Country Line Dancing, Friday and Saturday movies, Fitness Training, Rowing, and Walk Club. The Lodge has also provided him an opportunity to work with a Personal Trainer at a very reasonable fee. He is much more physically fit thanks to the work he is doing with his personal trainer and the Flying Eagles basketball program. Nick has been playing basketball in a special needs program for over 25 years. His basketball skill improvement over the past 2 years in the Flying Eagles program is just off the charts. The Covid-19 protocols put in place at Colin’s Lodge were strong and well enforced. It provided us with great comfort.

Again, I cannot tell you how much this program has enhanced Nick’s social and physical development and how fortunate and blessed we are to be a member.

The Woeste Family

After Adam left the school system, it became a challenge for me to keep him socially connected to his friends. The development of Colin's Lodge gave me the support I needed to keep him connected. I appreciate the diverse programs that allow him to learn and have fun. The kind and committed staff make it easy for me to allow him to participate without being present.

When I ask Adam what he likes about Colin's Lodge, he exclaims "Everything". Adam's enjoyment is the benefit I receive from Colin's Lodge.

The Flowers Family

Our daughter, Sarah has been a member of Colin’s Lodge since it opened in October 2018. It is hard to put in words what “The Lodge” has meant to her. She would go every minute of every day if we would let her, but it is so much more than her just spending time there. Prior to Colin’s Lodge, most of her social interactions were in a school setting. Once she aged out of school there wasn’t much for her socially other than a few sporting activities. That required someone to be with her. Colin’s Lodge has given her a chance to have a place she can go to as a “member” and not have dad or mom watching over her. The activities offered at the Lodge are not only fun for Sarah, but they are teaching her skills. Whether it is basketball drills, learning a new art technique or being a good friend, having an experienced staff and instructors is definitely the key to this success.

During the COVID pandemic Colin’s Lodge allowed members to stay in touch via ZOOM and have that much needed social interaction while everything was shut down. In fact, during this time, they encouraged members to be part of a walk club where they were to walk every day at least 20 minutes. Sarah was meticulous about walking and managed to lose over 50 pounds! Colin’s Lodge has been a wonderful experience for Sarah. She is always looking forward to all the new and fun things they have to offer.

The Forman Family

Colin’s Lodge is awe inspiring. Before Joe was one week old, we had his whole life planned for him. We wondered what the world would have in store for him. Later, Joe had the expectation that he was going to do all the things that his 3 older brothers had the liberty to do. For years his social life centered around his family’s ideas and his job.

Now, because the Connor family had a loving vision and brought it to life, Joe has his own plans again. Colin’s Lodge validates Joe. He feels loved and is treated like an adult. Joe has a beautiful family of friends at the Lodge. He has fun learning and doing all the new activities. We do not worry about him when he is at the Lodge because of the security and the caring staff. They have the expectations for Joe now. His laughter and stories about his time at the Lodge are full of pure joy!

To be invited to participate in the Connor Family’s vision is humbling.

The Nartker Family

As parents of an adult son with Down Syndrome we want our son’s life to be rich with friends and fulfilling activities. Colin’s Lodge has become an integral part of Pete’s life and helped ensure to make this possible. He looks forward to spending time at the Lodge 5 days a week. He checks his calendar daily to see what fun is scheduled with all his friends. When he has something on his mind that he needs to share he tells us he plans to talk with Gayle. Under her leadership Colin's Lodge has become a place where Pete can get support. This is very different from what his family can give him. It is his sanctuary.

We are so grateful to the Connor family for providing this amazing place where friendships develop, character is built and lots of fun is had. It is truly a privilege to be part of this wonderful place. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for creating this wonderful environment for adults with developmental disabilities. Larry and Chris, you have given our family a gift we can never repay. Pete’s life is better because of your generosity.

The Roll Family

I would like to say thank you so much for all that the Lodge has done for Esther. Ever since she became a Colin's Lodge member, she has become increasingly independent, grown socially at school, and become much more physically active. Her kind self has become more confident and she has learned how to express herself more clearly than ever before. Rather than shying away from new things, she is now willing to challenge herself in all kinds of different activities and programs inside and outside of the Lodge.

The community there is wonderful and has been a blessing for Esther. We look forward to seeing how Esther and the rest of the Colin's Lodge community will continue to grow and flourish in the future. Thank you again!

The Gage Family